Make America Weep Again: Tolerate Trump’s tweets as presented in the form of an emo song

There seems to be a not-so-cold war brewing between two Emo Night factions here in Massachusetts, a developing battling among Luke O’Neil’s Emo Night at the Sinclair in Cambridge and the touring Emo Night Brooklyn party that’s been creeping up on the scene.

We’ll let you Google it all for the very latest, but in the meantime, we may have found something that will bring all warring emo factions together.

Super Deluxe has weaved the maniacal tweets from our president into one emo throwback to the early 2000s, when Taking Back Sunday and Brand New were the most important thing in our lives and places like Long Island held such promise and intrigue.

The song is pretty good, too; we can clearly hear this being played at the various emo nights in town — but it’s up to each party’s organizers to stake their claim to it first.