Ladyfest Boston unveils 25-song compilation, featuring Colleen Green, Sad13, Palehound and others



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Boston’s edition of Ladyfest 2017 is coming up next month, and to preview the participating bands and artists, organizers have unveiled a 25-song compilation. The comp, which features songs by Colleen Green, Sad13, Pill, Palehound, Shepherdess, Ursula, Fleabite, and others, can be streamed and/or purchased via Bandcamp.

Billed as “a DIY, community-based and volunteer-run festival that highlights artists that are underrepresented and active in the vibrant arts and music communities around the world” and part of Ladyfests across the globe, this year’s edition goes down April 14 to 16 at the Central Square YMCA in Cambridge. All of the proceeds from the Ladyfest Boston comp and shows will be donated to Rosie’s Place and to Girls Rock Campaign Boston.

Get more info on Ladyfest Boston via its Facebook page, and check out the event page for detailed lineups and performance schedules.

Tickets to Ladyfest are on sale now, and scan the comp’s track listing after the Bandcamp jump. Featured Colleen Green photo by Eric Penna.

Ladyfest Boston 2017
1. Longings – “On Display”
3. Colleen Green – “Here it Comes”
4. didi – “Styrofoam”
5. Amanda X – “End of Days”
6. Sad13 – “Get a Yes”
7. Knife Pleats – “One Step Too Far”
8. Pill – “Misty Eyed Porno Reader”
9. Blau Blau – “Glassy Eyes”
10. Patio – “Gold”
11. Human People – “I Don’t Wanna Go Outside”
12. Palehound – “The Chicken Crossed the Road (demo)”
13. Phantom Rides – “Future Times”
14. Shepherdess – “Fries”
15. Palberta – “Desire (Live on WHPK)”
16. Birthing Hips – “No Pressure”
17. Gravel – “Chrissy Cried Wolf”
18. Ursula – “Cavegrrl”
19. Heartbreaker – “Mannequin”
20. Fleabite – “Seconds”
21. Imaginary Pants – “Bleak Outside”
22. Marge – “Want U”
23. Judy Chong – “Mountains”
24. Bedbug – “Summer Job Pt. 2”
25. Loone – “All Pacing Horses (Demo Version)”

Ladyfest Comp