Not Soon Enough: Watch the first teaser trailer for ‘Deadpool 2’


When Deadpool made his solo film debut last year, FOX took the whole “unlikely hero” trope to a new level. Wade Wilson, a sweary mutant battling cancer, quickly became a comic fan favorite in 2016, partially because of his foul-mouthed antics and partially because Ryan Reynolds continues a long line of Marvel eye candy.

FOX is already teasing Deadpool’s return in 2018 with a thee-minute promo clip for the sequel. While the second Deadpool flick is more than a year away, the teaser has been playing in advance of screenings for Logan (ace product placement on FOX’s behalf; read our Logan review here).

Since the first Deadpool movie brought us up to speed with Wilson’s backstory, it appears that the sequel will focus in on his current work as a “superhero.” And lemme tell ya, it ain’t pretty. Watch Reynolds totally botch a rescue and tell off Stan Lee in the teaser below.


Oh yeah, and Reynolds’ butt makes a lengthy cameo.