New Sounds: Trinidadian musician Trishes melts away the mundane existence of ‘Day Jobs’


One of the things we are most excited about regarding our upcoming SXSW party with Berklee is the aspect of new music discovery. And perhaps that’s most personified by Los Angeles’ Trishes, who represents the “Beyond” in our Boston & Beyond lineup March 17 at Friends Bar in Austin.

The Trinidadian singer and her introspective and socially aware brand of alt-R&B is poised for a breakout, and that process was expedited this week with the release of her new video for “Day Jobs.” The looping, slow-burner jam falls somewhere between the Weeknd’s House of Balloons era and FKA Twigs, but the style and grace is all her own.

The “Day Jobs” video premiered on Culture Collide a few days ago. Here’s what Trishes has to say about the clip: “In the ‘Day Jobs’ music video I wanted to channel the mischievousness of the Greek and Roman gods, walking among humans and causing trouble out of boredom or dissatisfaction. I imagined this character being doomed to forever walk this scene and this street, surrounded by people who were also bored and dissatisfied with where they were in their lives and with the jobs they had. I think she feels suffocated being in one place when she feels she is meant for another but she can’t seem to find a way out. I think a lot of us feel like that.”


She is certainly correct.

Watch “Day Jobs” below, catch Trishes perform at 2 p.m. at our Boston & Beyond party (get more info here), and see where else she’s throwing down throughout SXSW week via the post-video flyer.