Digital Spirit: Depeche Mode prep North American tour with exclusive fan pre-sale

Depeche Mode’s new album Spirit is out next month (March 17, to be exact), and it’s been no secret that the pioneering synth-pop band will take the record out on the road for a massive world tour. That tour is said to include North America, and while no dates have been revealed just yet, the Mode have stoked our attention by opening a digital waiting room for stateside fans to purchase tickets and gain show alerts before the general public.

“Depeche Mode are coming back to North America,” the band writes. “And this time, they’re doing something different. Before scalpers and bots, true fans would line up at the box office for days to get tickets. This is the same thing, but online. Claim your spot in line by signing up below, and the higher your spot, the better your access to tickets during the fan pre-sale. End up at the very front of the line for your city and you’ll be invited to meet the band before the show.”

On Wednesday afternoon the pre-sale site crashed due to excessive demand, but it seems to be back up and working smoothly. While we wait in this uber-cool online fan club, watch Depeche Mode’s recent video for “Where’s The Revolution,” the first release from their aforementioned Spirit LP.

Mode NA Tour