Bloody Awesome: Let’s take another look at that ‘Stranger Things 2’ teaser

Sometime during the third quarter of last night’s wild Super Bowl LI, New England viewers were in a bit of a daze. Lady Gaga just crushed her Halftime Show performance, but the Patriots were getting crushed as well. It was either 21-3 or 28-3 or some ugly crooked-ass score with the Falcons seemingly in control of the game, and then, out of nowhere, the teaser for Netflix’s Stranger Things 2 flashed on the screen.

“Eleven’s bloody nose in that Stranger Things 2 ad was a nice subtle jab at the Patriots tonight,” I tweeted. Soon after, the Patriots would turn the Falcons season upside down.

But before the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history took place, we rewound the Stranger Things 2 teaser a bunch of times, because holy shit.

What started as a grainy VHS-stained ’80s ad for Eggos quickly took a turn for the intense: Eleven’s bloody nose, Dustin and the gang dressed as Ghostbusters, Chief Jim Hopper getting aggro, and the Upside Down creeping hard on reality. We also got a seasonal release date: Halloween.


Eggo are already committed to detective work.