No More Wait: Goldfrapp return with new LP; listen to throbbing single ‘Anymore’


A few weeks ago we heard Goldfrapp in a television advertisement (we can’t recall what was being sold) and thought “Hey, it’d be cool to have Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory back in our lives.”

We must have said it three times, because here they are: Goldfrapp are back with a new and seventh album titled Silver Eye, and it’s out March 31 on Mute. The record’s first single is called “Anymore,” and it’s a delectable slice of throbbing synthpop that proves Goldfrapp have not lost a beat in the years since 2013’s Tales of Us.

“I feel good about this and I can’t wait to play it live,” Alison Goldfrapp tells Popjustice in an extended interview. “That’s the bit I’m really looking forward to. It’ll be fun to get up and play those kind of songs, especially alongside other songs from Supernature and Black Cherry… I suppose with this album we go further into the idea of the elemental — earth, fire, water — and mysticism, Paganism to a certain degree, and dreaming. They’ve been there on all the albums in varying degrees but it’s much more focused on this album.”


Listen to “Anymore” below.

And get more details on Silver Eye via the Goldfrapp Instagram.