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Whose Show Is It Anyway? Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood bring improv to The Wilbur


Anyone who’s willing to venture blindfolded onto a stage of mousetraps is either deranged or knows their comedic shit. In the case of Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, both of Whose Line is It Anyway? fame, we’re betting on the latter.

Mochrie and Sherwood are slated perform their “Two Man Group” improv show — mousetraps included — at The Wilbur this Saturday, January 21. Since it’s unlikely that any Bostonian will travel to Hollywood for a live taping of their famed show, this will be a rare chance to join in the duo’s spur-of-the-moment audience shenanigans.

The pair started their improv show in 2002 during the original run of Whose Line, but since the program’s revamp in 2013 with Aisha Tyler, Mochrie and Sherwood are bound to each other more than ever.


Details on the comedy bit are few since the show is 100 percent improvised from audience suggestions, but their tagline guarantees “live and dangerous comedy.” If it’s anything like the clip below — a blindfolded alphabetic opera about missing mail — Boston’s show should be a messy and sadistic fest of howling laughter.

Mochrie, albeit Canadian, has been vocal about the recent American presidential election, and with the Boston date only one day after the inauguration, the humor is sure to be especially ripe.


Saturday’s show is sold out, but we’ll relay word if a second gig gets added.