Live Review: With an energetic arsenal of hits, MØ thrills at the Paradise Rock Club


Being a featured artist on Hot 100 tracks can either propel an artist into their own blossoming career, or trample their talent and brush it under the rug when the single slips off the charts. Thankfully, the grit and charm of has kept her from the latter. Despite being behind the ominous “feat.” credit twice in recent memory (we don’t talk about Iggy Azalea), sharing tunes with Major Lazer and Justin Bieber, the success of hits like “Lean On” and “Cold Water” have only retroactively shined more light on her 2014 album No Mythologies to Follow and amped up the hype for new singles “Drum” and “Final Song.”

Trouble brewed at the MØ camp last month when the Danish singer postponed nearly half of her North American tour dates. Luckily, the musician born Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen spared a few cities as she closes out the year, and Boston was not only left on the schedule, but it served as one of her final shows of 2016, and MØ’s first time in town since her May 2015 performance at Boston Calling.

The immense buildup of anticipation for her new album (title and release date TBA) as well as the excitement of seeing MØ back in the clubs combined for an explosive evening this past Friday (December 2), when she appeared onstage at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. In turn, the Danish songstress fed into every ounce of her fans’ elation.


Over her 75 minute set, she built her physical relationship with the crowd prudently but quickly. The love affair started with daring lunges onto the barricade and hopping into the photo pit to accept the eager and sweaty embrace of fans. From there, she leapt into the mezzanine, clearing a path by the railing and circling the Paradise’s second floor (see below), bodyguard in tow. For her last song of the encore — exotic pop banger “Lean On” — she went to every artist’s “home base” and crowd-surfed while delivering the final chorus of the tune.

While MØ is still developing her song catalogue, she performed every notable track from No Mythologies to Follow, as well as her new singles and collabs, with the much-needed spunk every pop artist needs. For every “too cool” primadonna rolling her eyes onstage, MØ expends the extra energy they’re hoarding on her elastic performance. From opener “Don’t Wanna Dance” (an outright lie), to the sloppy bass of “Drum,” MØ embodied the classic “danced like no one’s watching” demeanor, writhing in the floor, dropping to her knees, and otherwise flailing to the beat. In person, the rasp of her vocals paired with her non-stop disco made the energetic Dane all the more endearing.

Before peacing out for NYC, she dropped “Kamikaze,” “Walk This Way,” and “New Year’s Eve” in honor of the upcoming holiday, all while displaying her fancy footwork.


While information on her next album remains uncertain, this much is clear; MØ doesn’t take her sold-out shows for granted — she earns them, one by one, with every kick, hair flip, head bang and sweaty embrace. And we’re grateful Boston’s show went on as planned.

Featured photo by Victoria Wasylak. Follow her on Twitter @VickiWasylak.