Magic Attack: Criss Angel just accused David Copperfield of buying followers on Twitter

Accomplished magician and illusionist Criss Angel just surpassed one million followers on Twitter. And he celebrated the occasion by apparently calling out none other than David Copperfield.

In a Sunday tweet, Angel pulled no punches and left no woman unsawed in half, accusing Copperfield — or “DC,” specifically — of buying “all his fake followers.”

Both magicians currently have successful shows in Las Vegas — Angel performs “Mindfreak Live” at the Luxor, while Copperfield’s “Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion” fills the MGM Grand’s David Copperfield Theater — but as the Review Journal points out, there’s also a budding controversy over which of the two is the highest paid magician in town.

While their salaries are being be disputed in the press, Angel has attacked numbers visible to the public, brazenly questioning Copperfield’s social media presence and his otherwise-impressive haul of 3.59 million Twitter followers. As @larscasteen writes, this shit is about to get real: “People need to stop sleeping on this modern day wizard’s war brewing between Criss Angel and David Copperfield NOW”.

As of Tuesday, Copperfield has yet to respond to the diss. But this unprecedented battle of magicians is certainly bound to levitate.