Whimsy Don’t Pay For Itself: Wes Anderson and Adrien Brody team up for H&M short


Because we keep doing things like illegally downloading Moonrise Kingdom and rewatching our 15-year-old Royal Tenenbaums DVD instead of purchasing the double-triple-deluxe six-disc anniversary edition on Blu-Ray, acclaimed director Wes Anderson has to crank out a commercial every now and again.

Judge him for his compromised artistic integrity, if you wish. But do you really think a lifestyle of unending whimsy and wonder comes cheap? It doesn’t. Whimsy is insaneass expensive, yo. And it’s not as if Wes Anderson ever told anyone to watch all his movies for free.

Therefore, arguably the most distinctive auteur of his generation has also done marketing work for American Express and Hyundai. In his most recent clip, titled Come Together and to be viewed below, Anderson taps his Darjeeling Limited buddy Adrien Brody to help celebrate the spirit of the holidays in the name of H&M. As is my understanding based on watching this commercial a few times, H&M is a railway operating company.

You should watch the commercial too! It’s actually kinda fucking endearing! Then make some travel plans with the good folks at H&M train services! And when Wes Anderson’s next movie comes out in 2018 or thereabouts, buy a ticket! Or at least Redbox it! For fuck’s sake, the man’s bills aren’t going to pay themselves!