Be Heir Now: Let’s all watch Liam Gallagher attempt to speak German


Sometimes when Liam Gallagher speaks, it’s hard to understand his English buried deep under that thick Mancunian accent. But when he tries to speak German, as he did recently at the Oasis: Supersonic documentary premiere in Berlin, it’s damn-near hilarious.

In a video clip posted by Oasis Mania’s fan club page on Facebook, via Radio X, Gallagher is being interviewed at the premiere, and at the end of the chat, attempts to say the name of the presenter’s show. It’s a nice sign of respect for a man whose appeal is truly global.

Gallagher trips over some pronunciation, as Bonehead playfully looks on. But in the end, the frontman and master tweeter pretty much nails it. We think.


Watch our beloved Vundavall below.