Anti-Trump series 30 Days, 30 Songs stays local with Drunken Logic’s ‘What A Beautiful Morning!’


Earlier this month the 30 Days, 30 Songs series raged on with a live contribution from Mission Of Burma. Recorded last year at Oberon in Cambridge, Burma’s entry was Number 32 in the music series, proving that the campaign to combat a Donald Trump presidency had extended past its original parameters.

Now on the day after the presidential election, and with efforts already in the bank from R.E.M., Death Cab For Cutie, Jim James, and several others, 30 Days, 30 Songs continues with no signs of slowing down. And Number 48 comes from Boston trio Drunken Logic.

Somewhat ironically, their contribution is called “What a Beautiful Morning!”, and you can watch the track’s video below. Drunken Logic, you may recall, performed at our 2014 CMJ party in New York City.


Of “What a Beautiful Morning!”, a song indebted to sunny ’60s pop-rock, the band writes that it was “written from the perspective of someone who mourns an idyllic vision of the U.S. in the 1950s and early ’60s — an era of safety and stability, at least in his mind. The song’s accompanying video uses existing footage from the era to suggest that this vision was never truly a reality, and was brutally withheld from millions of people.

At least now, in 2016, our reality isn’t so blurred.