Watch Sidewalk Driver pimp the ‘Karaoke Guy’ before their show in Allston tonight

Every Sidewalk Driver show is a chance for people in the crowd to sing-shout along and feel like they’re in the band. While there will be ample opportunities for those drunken festivities tonight when Boston’s glittery glamazons play Great Scott in Allston alongside Lifestyle and usLights, the band beat many at their own game in their latest video.

The clip is for “Karaoke Guy”, and it’s inspired by a dude who guitarist Kate Murdoch used to watch closely in her hometown of Chatham. “He would sit by himself, do one song, then sit back down,” Murdoch tells Vanyaland. “He actually wasn’t bad, but he took it so seriously that it struck me as kind of funny and kind of sad.”

The video was shot at The Twelve Bens dive bar in Dorchester and Limelight Stage & Studios in the Theatre District, with Johnny Kinsman playing the role of “Karaoke Guy”. There are a bunch of other familiar faces from the Boston music scene throughout the clip, so fire it up, learn all the words, and go face-to-face with frontman Tad McKitterick now and later.