Dance with the demons of your mind as Radclyffe Hall teams with Kiran Gandhi on ‘The Throne’


Boston-born Radclyffe Hall continues to fine-tune their dark, emotive brand of pop music.

Back in June, the project from Dhy Berry released their debut album Ghosts via Cleopatra Records, a collection of spiky, post-punk-infused new tracks and a few older electro-pop songs, the latter of which served to allow the rest of world catch up to what us in New England have been hip to for the past few years.

This week, Radclyffe Hall are back with a new single titled “The Throne”, and it’s a coiling, hypnotic alt-pop smoke screen that’s a bit more psychedelic than Berry’s previous efforts. It’s even got a bit of that early ’90s Manchester groove to it, and features contributions from former drummer for M.I.A. Kiran Gandhi.


“Lots of experimentation with phasers and reverb and balancing out what sounds good and what worked for me in the role of the producer,” Berry says of the track. She adds that Gandhi “really brought in that gritty cool funky element… She is such a talented musician, and I am glad she took the time to lay down beats for Radclyffe Hall. Her touch on the drums definitely brought the song to another level.”

Radclyffe Hall are back in Boston with a live show November 6 at Brighton Music Hall in Allston alongside Mr. Little Jeans.