Album Premiere: Jillian Kay carefully explores softness and anger on ‘Nothing Between Us’


Good music has a habit of resonating a certain warmth. It gives a feeling of coziness while soothing the nerves. Providence based dream pop singer-songwriter Jillian Kay exudes those sensations with her debut album, Nothing Between Us, which is being premiered today on Vanyaland.

There’s a distinct lo-fi quality from start to finish while Kay’s elegant and operatic voice shines like a diamond against the moonlight. In a year full of unique releases coming out of the Creative Capital, Nothing Between Us stands apart from the rest with its production quality and heartfelt emotion.

Nothing Between Us follows the cyclical nature of a mood disorder and its effects on relationships with others and the self,” Kay tells Vanyaland. “My intention was for the songs to loosely navigate the emotional states associated with manic depression. At times, there is no barrier between softness and anger, at times, they have never known each other. This project is: One, the lack of boundaries between the stable and unstable selves; two, the lack of boundaries in a toxic, romantic relationship; and three, the lack of anything binding between two people.”


The album opens with “Stay Better,” a track that lyrically examines what Kay is talking about while getting the message across that things are always bad before they can turn around. “I Don’t Miss Anyone” begins with the hypnotic lyric “I need a strong coffee and a shoulder to cry on and no one that’s better than you”. It’s relatable to the hopeless romantics out there who are lovesick and lonely. Kay also pours her heart out with her voice nailing the vibrato during numerous points within the song. Another track that goes with the recurring theme of mood disorders is “A Gentle Reminder” which describes the struggles the cyclical nature can take on someone.

“Each song deals with a different facet of the manic personality,” Kay adds. “I tried to include most states between grandiosity and worthlessness. I don’t want to say too much in fear of influencing your interpretation. I’m much more interested in what others are hearing when they’re listening. This is the only way I know how to open up.”

Kay has a show coming up November 6 at Alchemy in Providence with Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, the Sensitive Ferns, and LittleBoyBigHeadonBike. Make sure to grab a copy of Nothing Between Us while you’re there, or stream and buy the album via Bandcamp below.