You’re So Money And You Don’t Even Noel It: Vince Vaughn wants Oasis to reform


Add Vince Vaughn to the list of people who want to see an Oasis reunion.

The actor was in Los Angeles attending the premiere of his new movie Hacksaw Ridge recently when, for reasons currently unclear, he brought up the Britpop band to a reporter with the United Kingdom’s Press Association.

“I do like a bit of Oasis,” Vaughn said, via the NME. “I like both [Liam and Noel]… I’d like to see them bury the hatchet, those two. They’ve got to let it go at some point.”


Go let it out, Vince.

Not that Oasis is ever not a hot topic with the British press, but the band, which broke up in 2009 — causing Liam Gallagher to form the now-defunct Beady Eye and brother Noel to move forth with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds — are back in the news with the success of new documentary Supersonic. The film, which screens at the Kendall Square Cinema 9 in Cambridge for three showings tomorrow night (October 26), traces Oasis’ rise from obscurity to British pop royalty.

Supersonic was directed by Mat Whitecross, the visionary behind the 2010 BAFTA-nominated Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and 2012 comedy Spike Island, about a young Manchester rock group planning to personally deliver their demo to the Stone Roses.


Watch the trailer for Supersonic below.