Get Caught Up: Listen to the new split 12-inch from Bundles and Dan Webb and the Spiders

We’ve been saying hello and goodbye to Dan Webb and the Spiders quite a bit over the years. The Boston band has been busy bringing their grimy brand of garage rock to the European masses on the regular since forming in 2009, touring across the Atlantic six times when most in their position are trying to figure out how to play shows west of Worcester. This week, Dan Webb and the Spiders show their hometown just what they’re made of, courtesy of an anthemic new split 12-inch release off Gunner Records USA with screamy Quincy rock trio Bundles.

In advance of the release party Tuesday night at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, we asked both bands what they thought of each other. But we’re only using these fluffy, ultra-posi sentiments to get you to listen to the new split, because we’re kind of tired telling everyone that Dan Webb and the Spiders are one of Boston’s most slept-on bands.

Bundles on Dan Webb and the Spiders: “We’ve all been big fans of Dan Webb and the Spiders since their first record, Meat and Potatoes. Aside from being fans of the music, [they] are a really great band to play shows alongside and just a bunch of cool dudes to hang with. Having the chance to be a part of and collaborate on this split with them is a really awesome experience. Having it be the first release on Gunner Records USA just adds to how special it is being a part of this. The Dan Webb and the Spiders tunes on this are killer, having Bundles a part of such a great record is really something huge for us.”

Vanyaland recommends: “Odd Combinations”, “Running Around”

Dan Webb and the Spiders on Bundles: “A lot of the folks in both these bands have been friends for a long time (some were even bandmates through their formative years) so playing shows with Bundles was an inevitability. But what wasn’t expected at all was how hard I would fall for their music. We played a handful of shows together and each time I was really impressed. When the opportunity arose to release a split with them, we jumped on it. Their music is tremendous and it’s a true pleasure to be a part of it. They are also a great buch of fellas to boot.”

Vanyaland recommends: “Dead Reckoning”, “Welcome The Rusty Nail”

Listen to the whole thing below via the Gunner Records USA Bandcamp, and check the full dates on Dan Webb and the Spiders’ upcoming tour, which stays domestic for the time being.