Garbage climb Pancake Mountain and become ‘Magnetized’ in latest music video

With the release of February’s fantastic Strange Little Birds, reborn rock band Garbage shrugged off any sort of cashed-in nostalgia vibe, creating a record that stands just as tall as their best efforts from the ’90s.

“If you’re willing to listen hard, there’re a lot of bands who’ve done their better work in their later careers — my favorite Queens of the Stone Age record was their last go ‘round,” singer and pop culture icon Shirley Manson casually told us over the summer. “I’m just pleased to know we made a good record. I don’t care how it’s received or what people have to say about it. I’m kind of monstrous to myself, so if I feel this confident about something, that’s rare.”

That confidence continues in the band’s new video for the LP’s second and latest single, “Magnetized,” which shows Manson deep into some makeshift lab playing with colorful science. It was directed by Scott Stuckey, creator of cult TV show Pancake Mountain.

Says Manson in a release: “We made the video for ‘Magnetized’ at Pancake Mountain Headquarters in Los Angeles with an incredibly gifted team under the madcap direction of my next door neighbor Scott Stuckey. We wanted to create an ode to the magic of science and the mysteries of love.”

Watch it below, and check out our full photo gallery from Garbage’s show at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston late last year.