Trump The Ladykiller: Listen to Lush urge Americans to vote in this ’90s advertisement


Recent years have been good to shoegaze fans. We’ve seen tours and new music from the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, and Slowdive, and in 2016, we’ve been treated to the long-awaited return of Lush. The band’s reunion produced the Blind Spot EP in April, giving us the sweeping February comeback single “Out Of Control”, and a string of live shows both here in the States and in the United Kingdom. The band is currently on tour in North America, and just last week played Royale here in Boston.

While Lush as a band is currently a modern entity, today, in honor of National Voter Registration Day, we’re throwing it back to the British shoegazers’ ’90s heyday for a bit of a vintage video.

Taking part in MTV’s iconic Rock The Vote campaign, Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, Phil King, and the late Chris Acland offer a very brief retelling of America’s foundation, while emphasizing how it important it is for us Yanks to express our right to choose our elected officials and have a say in the political process. If you watched any of last night’s presidential debate, you certainly know their message is as vital as ever. Register to vote — or confirm your current voter status — here.