Single Premiere: Philosophical Zombie don’t cover Aerosmith in shifty new song ‘Dream On’

Sometime last year we were introduced to Philosophical Zombie, the new project from multi-instrumentalist Edward Billings, who, you may recall, used to haunt Boston stages as frontman of aughts-era indie dudes Age Rings.

Billings had landed down in New York for a spell, but returned to his home state of Massachusetts to formally realize the potential of Phily Zombie. Our salty Bay State air must be all sorts of inspiring, because Billings is back with his second album is less than a year, titled Cotard’s, and it’s out October 14 via Killer Wail Records.

Notably, the LP’s first single is called “Dream On”, and of course, this is notable because Billings is not wasting out time here covering the Aerosmith classic. Instead, the shifty guitar-pop roaster reminds us (joyously) of Blur’s weirder, more experimental, more carnival-like ’90s side, and retains Billings’ uncanny knack for stuffing mad volumes of hookage into his songs.

Listen to it below via Soundcloud, and peep the album art before you close your eyes inward.