Post Animal: This rabbit and guinea pig drone duo is now the hottest thing in music

Seeing as how this is the [website] which previously brought you first television appearances from everything from [Boston band X] to [Boston band Y] we do like to keep our hand in and keep you informed of the most interesting new sounds in the north [east]. This, [a rabbit and guinea pig drone duo] is the most interesting new sound we’ve come across in the last six months.

They’re a [Brooklyn] band, with the exception of the [guinea pig] who comes from [Queens], very important difference, they’re called [Rabbit and Guinea Pig Drone Duo], and this number is “[Rabbit and Guinea Pig Drone].

Tony Wilson imitations aside, the video below, which we wish went on forever, is from Robert L. Pepper of Pas Musique. “As promised, a rabbit and guinea pig drone duo,” reads the online description. “The rabbit is playing the Korg Volca Bass and the guinea pig is playing the Korg Monotribe.


[h/t Jeremy Lee/Facebook]