John Lydon catches glass bottle to the head during Public Image Ltd. gig, finishes the show


The “Death Disco” nearly became a real thing during Public Image Ltd.’s show Sunday night in Chile.

According to multiple reports, frontman John Lydon was performing with PiL at a venue called Blondie in Santiago when a spectator threw a glass bottle at the stage. It struck Lydon in the forehead, leaving the 60-year-old former Sex Pistols singer bloodied in the ordeal, but he carried on with a towel wrapped around his head and finished the show — much to the delight of the audience. A few fan-filmed video clips of the moment after Lydon was bloodied and PiL’s following performance can be seen below.

From the stage, Lydon called the perpetrator a “fucking coward”.

Afterwards, and with a duke to calm his nerves, the man formerly known as Johnny Rotten wrote on Facebook: “Glass attack last night at Santiago, Club Blondie in Chile. No reflection on the rest of the crowd. Great gig. It lives. Anyone got any more pictures?”

Punk rock never dies.