Liam Gallagher takes break from calling brother a potato, tweets cryptic comeback message

Could new music from Liam Gallagher be on the way?

The British frontman stirred up the UK press yesterday with a rather cryptic tweet that suggests he’s jumping back into the ring of rock and roll. He writes: Be afraid you so called troubadours and you plastic rock n rollers give your paper crown 1 last cuddle coz I’m on my way”.

While a July 1 tweet suggested that no Oasis reunion was going to happen, this could mean a number of other things, like the resurrection of his band Beady Eye, which disbanded in October 2014, or perhaps a new solo project or collaboration, like a reported union with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid. Brother Noel has enjoyed a successful run with his Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds band in recent years, so perhaps inspiration has finally struck Sir Liam.

Or he could just be fucking with us.

In any event, his tweet yesterday does break up the monotony of bizarre messages and his current campaign of referring to his brother as a potato. Dissect his tweet below.

And for good measure, here’s what he said earlier in the month about that often-discussed (in the press, at least), Oasis reunion rumor.