The 5th Beatle: Watch Rob Gronkowski rock out with Paul McCartney and Bob Weir at Fenway Park

At this point in the game, music icon and living legend Paul McCartney can invite anyone he wants up to the stage. At this stage of his career, Patriots tight end and human fist-bump Rob Gronkowski uses New England as his own personal playground. Those two worlds collided Sunday night in the most Boston place possible — Fenway Park — as Gronk joined Macca on stage for the Beatle’s first of two nights at the home of the Red Sox.

Oh, and it gets better.

As Gronk was dancing, flexing, and air-guitaring up a storm during “Helter Skelter” (!!!), he and McCartney were joined on stage by Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir (!!!), who was in town playing two nights himself at the old ballpark with Dead and Company earlier in the weekend.

What a night, eh khed?

Vanyaland managing editor Michael Christopher was on hand and captured some video of the Gronk & Macca shenanigans, which sent social media in Boston and beyond into a motherfucking frenzy just a few hours ago.

All that was missing was a “Free Brady” chant. But we’re sure one probably broke out somewhere along Lansdowne after the show.

Watch the video below. And stay tuned, because you just know Julien Edelman is on the phone right now with McCartney’s reps begging for a stage invitation to the next gig.

[Headline hat tip to Obnoxious Boston Fan on Twitter]