Anthem Alert: Watch a teaser trailer for Analog Heart’s new ‘Come Alive’ music video

This year’s Rock And Roll Rumble was about many things — its new home of ONCE in Somerville, barnstorming performances by metal dudes (and eventual winner) Worshipper, and a fresh crop of impressive new bands all led to the annual competition’s success in 2016. But one thing that stuck with us, now several months later, were certain songs that marked the entire month. Songs like Field Day’s “Finished With You”, Eric Salt & The Electric City’s “Excellent”, and Abbie Barrett’s “Take It In Stride” all stayed locked in our heads long after the Rumble champagne was mopped up off the ONCE Ballroom floor.

But perhaps the one song that stayed with us the most — and impressed us heavily at the time of the Rumble — was Analog Heart’s driving rock and roll anthem “Come Alive.” The Rumble semi-finalists first unveiled the track in March via debut album Sun Here I Come, and next month it gets the proper music video treatment for an August 12 appearance at the Chit Chat in Haverhill.

But this Thursday (July 14), the band takes part in the weeklong Outside the Box music and arts festival on Boston Common, playing the Fountain Stage at 2:30 p.m. after Jenna Lotti and before We Were Astronauts. To celebrate, Vanyaland was provided a short, 49-second teaser trailer clip to help get us in the mood and raise our fists to the sky.

Watch it below.