Video Premiere: Barleaux longs for a lost love in the secluded, intimate ‘Boo’


Slang has a funny way of altering perspectives. Most of us of a certain age grew up with the term “boo” eliciting some sort of surprise or horror, a word tied into scare tactics around Halloween and generally met with relative unease. As we aged and “boo” eventually became equated with a loved one, a term of endearment for a cherished lover, the word took on a different perspective. But in the end, even the greatest of loves are rife with fear and unease, and the feeling of loneliness and isolation are never very far as we navigate romance’s never-ending field of land mines.

In Barleaux’s new video for “Boo”, which we are premiering today on Vanyaland, the former Boston resident and bi-coastal performer provides a suffocating outreach of emotion.

“We wanted to take an artistic approach and encapsulate the idea of being obsessed with the entity of nostalgia and/or a past love,” Barleaux tells Vanyaland this week. Director Adam Leier concurs, adding: “I tried to convey the secluded intimacy you have with your phone while holding a candle for something, someone, someplace; re-reading an old correspondence, or waiting for a reply that will never come.”


The clip for “Boo” is Barleaux’s first official music video, and though the song first appeared on the musician’s 2015 album W Y L D D E S ! R E, she is currently preparing the follow-up, titled FVCKED, due this fall via Afternoon’s Modeling.

Step inside Barleaux’s world below.