Feel free to get greedy with Pale Monsters debut single ‘Everybody (Take What You Can Take)’

There was very likely a sleepless night sometime over the past few years where we wondered what a supergroup composed of members of Muy Cansado, Diamond Mines, Kingsley Flood, This Blue Heaven, and the Sun Lee Sunbeam would sound like. Boston musician Chris Mulvey probably wondered the same thing.

Enlisting his friends, the former Muy Cansado singer and guitarist has emerged with band Pale Monsters, a sound-shifting pop-rock project that feels like a modernized take on the guitar-fed styles of Talking Heads, David Bowie… and, hell we hear some stellastarr* in here too, but that’s probably just the Talking Heads and Bowie’s influence screaming through a since-slammed-shut Y2K-wave portal.

Either way, it’s a soothing cocktail, and the band’s new EP is led by its first single, “Everybody (Take What You Can Take)”. Watch the video for it below.

“Pale Monsters came together because I was looking to try something different,” Mulvey tells Vanyaland. “When I’m songwriting, I try new things to stay creative. I figured the best way to sound new was to actually create songs in a new project. Travis [Richter], Mike [Ward] and Kevin [McGrath] are really good friends of mine, so I asked them to start a band with me. I workshopped demos, sent them to the guys and then we hammered them away together. From the beginning our approach was to focus on the songs and get into the studio, so that’s what we did.”

The new EP gets the record-release party treatment this Friday, when Pale Monsters play Thunder Road in Somerville on an excellent bill alongside Sidewalk Driver, Guillermo Sexo and Pale Hands. The flyer has the specifics.