EP Premiere: Kooked Out mix the mellow with the electric on new self-titled record


Boston garage-grooved surf punks Kooked Out have something special going on. They’re a trio that doesn’t stick to just one style by incorporating numerous elements, exuding an improvisational vibe while abiding by the classic rock and roll structure. It’s evident in their live performances, with John Fiore wilding out on guitar and Chris Laskey and Sean Reid keeping it tight on the drums and bass. These crazy three today have a new self-titled EP being premiered on Vanyaland today, and the record walks the fine line between mellow and electrifying for an interesting listening experience.

High levels of intensity give Kooked Out a signature approach to their music. The feeling will take you over and the riffs and beats will make you move around and go a little nuts. Fiore, Laskey, and Reid wouldn’t have it any other way, their new EP expresses that notion in impeccable form. Like most bands, the goal is to capture their live sound on their recordings; Kooked Out aim to reach that plateau with this record, and they do so with each track possessing a distinct amount of energy. There’s a variety of audial thrills with no song giving your ears the same sensations as the others.

On the political side of things, “C.O.P.S.” has Fiore providing commentary on the troubles and divisions society faces on a daily basis. There’s a groove present that brings a laid back tone from Fiore’s guitar, Laskey’s drums, and Reid bass. There are also audio clips featuring the likes of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy and Adolf Hitler conveying the track’s message. “July” is a bluesy jam that hits hard, it resonates raw emotion with everything sounding pristine. With a fuzzy beginning, “What Are You Hot For (Tell Me)” gets in your ears with sexy lyrics and seductive sounds for a raucous love song. Fiore’s guitar brings the heat with spine-tingling riffs that shows off his incredible skills.


Kooked Out won’t be having just one release show for their brand new self-titled EP, they’ll be having two! The first one will be at The Spot Underground in Providence on June 10 with charismatic rockers Under The Microscope and the acoustic eccentricities of Nate Cozzolino & The Lost Arts while the second one will be at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston with Skinny Cleveland and Bruvs. Until the shows arrive, stream the new EP from Kooked Up’s Bandcamp page below, and fire up your speakers.