Frank Bark: Watch a bunch of animals cover the Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind’ (no, really)


This time last year, we were all gearing up for the Pixies’ highly anticipated headlining set at Boston Calling Music Festival. Fast forward about 11 months later, and we’re all sitting around watching and listening to a bunch of animals cover “Where Is My Mind”.

This may or may not be progress.

Either way, it’s still pretty cool.


Insane Cherry unveiled the clip below earlier this week, and it’s got a bunch of dogs, cats, a fox, a goat and more all mouthing along like some furry Frank Blacks and feral Kim Deals. The real star of the video is the editing technique, but we live in a world where everyone likes to outdo one another, so we have no doubt there’s a guy or gal in a farm in Western Mass this morning teaching his or her own animals how to howl and growl along to the song like we all do in the car on the way to work.

Watch Insane Cherry lead the meow music, and catch up on our conversation with real, actual Pixies here.