This Easter, VanyaRadio spins 24 straight hours of the Stone Roses’ ‘I Am The Resurrection’


This June, the Stone Roses return to America, making their first East Coast appearance in more than two decades. With news of their June 30 show at Madison Square Garden fresh in our minds and rumors of new music running wilder than an Ian Brown night on the town, VanyaRadio has decided to resurrect one of our finest hours — 24 of them actually — with another Easter Sunday marathon session of “I Am The Resurrection”.

We first broke out this 24-hour party playlist back in 2014, a few short weeks after VanyaRadio was launched. For the first go-’round, we included live cuts, demos, remixes and other versions of the Roses’ classic 1989 anthem. This year, we’re playing it straight, with 24 hours of their familiar eight-minute original. The schedule will run on local time, just after midnight Eastern time on March 27, and conclude just before Monday arrives.

This salute to an indie classic carries on a Boston tradition.


For years here in town, “I Am The Resurrection” was the preferred “last song of the night” at The Pill on the Friday before Easter Sunday. The long-running indie dance party started in October 1997 in North Station and concluded a nearly 17-year run, 10 of them at Great Scott in Allston, back in 2013. Sometimes the instrumental “rave” outro was played, other times it was not.

For this Sunday, expect the whole thing. Over and over and over again. Tune in for five minutes, or five hours. Pop it on as you head to mass, or en route to Aunt Ester’s down in Quincy. Tune in however you please.

Jesus was resurrected, and now so are the Roses. Listen in via VanyaRadio, or find us with the TuneIn app.