Piebald, Potty Mouth, Dino Jr and others add Mass flavor to insane Wrecking Ball lineup

Perhaps inspired by the gentleman who crowd surfed to them last week at Emo Night, Piebald have today made an unexpected appearance on a festival poster. In what would (we think) be the Andover hardcore band’s first live appearance since 2010 (they split in 2008 but reformed briefly two years later), Piebald are included in the redonkulous lineup for the 2016 Wrecking Ball festival in Atlanta.

It goes down August 13 and 14, and the lineup is huge.

In addition to the reformed Piebald (who re-released their first three albums last month, but otherwise have been kinda quiet outside a bit of social media activity), Wrecking Ball features more than 60 bands across five stages, like Quicksand, Thursday, American Football, Hey Mercedes, Bully, CIV, Rainer Maria, Diarrhea Planet, Gorilla Biscuits, The Bouncing Souls, The Promise Ring, Jeff Rosenstock, L7, The Julie Ruin, Lemuria, and Drive Like Jehu.

Jesus H.

There’s a fair bit of Massachusetts love as well, with sets from Potty Mouth, Dinosaur Jr., and American Nightmare, which finds frontman Wesley Eisold pulling double festival duty with his celebrated electro project, Cold Cave.

There’s a lot of “hot damn” in this lineup, so drink it all in at once.

Tickets go on sale April 1 via wreckingballatl.com. We’re not even going to look up the price and post it here, because if this is your scene and circle, any cost would be well worth it.

[h/t Noisey]

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