Baring All: The Hotelier announce new album ‘Goodness’ with nudist colony video


Worcester “anti-pop” rock band The Hotelier had an unfortunate bit of exposure a few weeks ago, when detested pharma bro Martin Shkreli appeared in an extended Vice interview wearing one of their t-shirts. The Hotelier didn’t make any public statements over their most notorious fan, who has been known to publicly support up-and-coming bands in the emo and pop-punk realm, instead ignoring posts from fans looking for an explanation on their Facebook wall and on Twitter.

Turns out they had good reason to ignore the static around them. They have a new record coming out.

The Hotelier will follow up 2014 sophomore album, Home, Like Noplace There Is, with their third album, titled Goodness, out this May via Carolina indie label Tiny Engines.


“I’m very excited to show y’all this record the four of us worked on all last year,” frontman Christian Holden writes in an extended message to fans via tumblr. “It’s called Goodness. It’s a love record. I feel like we are allowed to do that now.”

To celebrate, The Hotelier have unveiled a teaser video, featuring the track “Goodness Pt. 1” and directed by Xirin. But be warned: After the woman in the video is done canvassing the city, she wanders out into the countryside and encounters a group of older nudists.

The video is a bit NSFW towards the end. Just like life.