B.I.G. Hearts: Love, Brunch & Hip-Hop wants to shake up your Valentine’s Day plans


Andrea Hudson thinks the usual Valentine’s Day brunches around town lack flavor. And since the Hallmark Holiday falls on a Sunday this year, the importance of brunch is magnified.

Next weekend, Lisa Finelli’s Xperience Creative and Hudson’s Booger Money team up for Love, Brunch & Hip-Hop, a February 14 celebration at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. Bloody Marys, beats, and even personalized mix tapes are involved.

“It’s all for the love of hip-hop”, says Hudson. “Our goal is to cultivate an immersive experience by incorporating live art, DJs, and our love for the depths of hip-hop. This particular brunch sound will be heavily influenced by Bad Boy Entertainment with music by DJ Crew, TableManners. Attendees should anticipate the music of Biggie, Diddy, Ma$e, Total and more. We’re focused on an era, one that most equate with their first true love.


And how does hip-hop and Valentine’s Day go together?

“Thinking back to classics like Love & Basketball, Poetic Justice, and Love Jones remind us of the power of dope soundtracks,” Hudson says. “Honestly, most movies rooted in the culture have some of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Think about the first time you fell in love and all of a sudden felt like what you heard on your radio or mixed tape was written for you.”

Advance tickets are available here.


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