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Video Premiere: Bearstronaut clean up the dance floor in crisp new single ‘Holding Out’


It can be said that perhaps Bearstronaut is the reason why the V in Vanya is curved the way it is.

A few years before this site was born with a renewed focus on music news, Vanya Records was a small indie label operating out of a dank-ass bedroom in Allston, born simply for one single purpose: To release Bearstronaut’s 2010 single “Moniker” on vinyl. That mission was accomplished, and alongside vinyl releases from the New Highway Hymnal, Andre Obin, and Confessions, Vanya Records co-released Bearstronaut’s stunning 2012 EP, Paradice, cementing their role in the label’s 4-5-6 family.

As time marches on and we all grow to develop new things, Bearstronaut continue to be the leaders of Boston’s dance-pop revolution, showing a usually sludgy garage rock town that it’s okay to get up and dance once in a while. In the years that passed, many others have traded in their guitars for synths, but Bearstronaut remain a two-step ahead.


As the electronic-pop quartet prepare to release their debut album Telecoast on June 10, with the record release party that night at the Sinclair in Cambridge, they set the tone once again with “Holding Out”, a crisp bit of modern dance-floor flair that shows equal parts growth and smarts in a genre that seems to be stuck in dude-neutral.

Recorded at Brooklyn’s Converse Rubber Tracks Studio, “Holding Out” is augmented by an Alex Enman-directed video, which you can watch below. Grab the track off iTunes or stream it via Spotify, and color the walls in a familiar color that runs deeper than usual.


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