Pre-‘Co: Watch a video of Uncle Tupelo playing the Middle East back in 1990


The great Jeff Tweedy was just in town this past weekend with Wilco, playing a pair of gigs at Orpheum Theatre. But while the musician was busy selling out one of Boston’s bigger stages, video of his early days touring the area with Uncle Tupelo made the rounds on the internet.

Originally posted back in 2011 by Mary Lou Lord as part of an archive for Billy Ruane, Lord shared the video, a seven-minute clip filmed at the Middle East in Cambridge, again on Saturday. Lord speculates the video is from 1990, around when the influential alt-country pioneers released debut album No Depression, and several years before their breakup would spawn bands like Wilco and Sun Volt.

Unofficial Uncle Tupelo archive site Factory Belt lists the band’s 1990 show at the Middle East as taking place on August 2. Uncle Tupelo also played next-door at T.T. The Bear’s Place on July 21.

Watch the video below.

[h/t Bradley’s Almanac]