Listen to ‘From Dust’, the immaculate debut EP from Boston ambient folk artist Godwin


Among the new sounds we’ve been hyping on the regular on VanyaRadio include “Curse of Adam”, the lead track off Godwin’s debut EP, From Dust. If we followed that track up with the remainder of the EP, in any order, and hid the track listing and credits from view on screen, it might surprise listeners that each song was from the same artist, let alone off the same release.

But that’s the effect of From Dust, an impressive debut that weaves textures and atmosphere into a larger story line, all held together by the voice and gritty sonic gameplan from Lexington native Danny Godwin. A familiar face in the Boston music scene as a keyboardist and self-described “sideman”, Godwin is stepping closer to the front of the stage, and with January’s From Dust, does so with impressive results.

“I always I knew I wanted to at some point do my own thing but I always pushed that dream aside,” he says. “People would always be skeptical — and sometimes laugh — when I told them I wrote songs and played other instruments besides keyboards. I’m not trying to prove anything, but if you really want to know who I am, listen to my songs.”


From Dust, written, produced and mixed in his basement with help from his friends, suggests there’s a lot going on. The gentle, experimental electronic pop of “Curse of Adam”, the more upbeat, rock club-minded “Foolish Man”, and the singer-songwriter poignancy of “The Veil” all add distinct character to an EP that warps and blends ambient folk and post-rock sounds. The sounds are varied, but have a similar core.

“I grew up singing hymns and playing in church so it comes natural to me write about things that I believe are true,” Godwin adds. “At the end of the day, I want to serve people, tell stories and make art that’s meant for something more than a purchasable commodity or fad.”

He’s got the variety to do it, and do it well. Listen to From Dust via Godwin’s Bandcamp below.


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