For The Lovers: Dom ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ with you, so he covered Elvis


There’s been a decent bit of mystery in recent years surrounding Dominic Cournoyer, the Massachusetts native who broke out a half-decade ago with his eponymous indie/electronic-pop band, Dom, and their pair of lethal singles that helped shape the years to come, “Living In America” and “Burn Bridges”. Since 2013, he’s released music under his producer alias, Kiss 1o8, revealed he was collaborating with Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, and even found the time to cover the Lemonheads — all while maintaining a pretty low profile.

This week, Dom — can we go back to calling him just Dom? Okay, cool — dipped back into the covers game, posting a warped, experimental take on Elvis Presley’s 1961 classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. The track, arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, comes in two forms: With a cool looking skull design via streaming purposes on YouTube, or for downloading and listening pleasure over on Soundcloud.

Stick with it as it slowly unfolds, because that drop at 1:36 is on point.


After a few listens, we can safely say the cover is better than most others, including try-hard entries from Michael Buble and twenty one pilots. The UB40 version from 1993 remains the gold standard, however, vut this isn’t a competition.

In any event, hopefully this leads to more Dom tunes later in 2016.