Band Without Hands announce EPicenter EP, listen to rousing lead single ‘Running In Place’


Many bands shout and scream about upcoming new music. “Announcements of announcements” sort of things — build-up, lead up, mount up, a marathon montage of posts and boasts that leave you exhausted well before the damn thing even arrives.

And then sometimes you wake up on a cold Friday with warm new sounds unexpectedly delivered straight to your inbox via the good people at Bandcamp. That’s the pre-weekend vibes today as Boston all-rock quartet Band Without Hands rather quietly revealed a new EP titled EPicenter, set for release on February 12. The follow-up to 2014’s EPocalypse (We’re SEnsing a THeme HEre), EPicenter was recorded at The Bandit Hideout in Somerville, The Sweet Spot in Portsmouth, and Watertown’s Galaxy Park.

The EP’s first single is the rousing “Running In Place,” a razor of an alt-rock jam that maintains a nice uniqueness from a band that’s been busy covering everyone from Garbage (at our recent Halloween party) and Nine Inch Nails to David Bowie and Depeche Mode across New England stages and computer screens over the past several months. But this is no copycat act: The dual vocals from Jess Jacobs and Brien Sweet and the slash-and-burn guitarwork of John McKusick gives “Running In Place” a true Band Without Hands stamp, and we’re super excited to hear the rest of this effort.


In the meantime, listen to “Running In Place” below, and pre-order the full EP here.