Roz and The Rice Cakes explore familiar otherness in ‘Close Encounter’ video


Combining sci-fi themes and extraterrestrial notions with the feeling of alienation, Roz and The Rice Cakes have released a music video for 2015 single “Close Encounter”. Premiering on the cultural website Spark Mag earlier today, the video shows frontwoman Roz Raskin walking through the snow to lead a crowd of diverse people into a random house with everyone ultimately entering a interdimensional portal. The people who live in the house are initially frightened but then they join the rest in the attic while being gravitated towards a mass of energy. The message behind it all is that regardless of our race, gender and social status we are all in this together.

Filmmaker Sam Eilertsen directed the video and the quality is impeccable with clear visuals and stunning animation. Regarding the video’s message, Raskin says in Spark Mag, “I thought it could be interesting to give a visual representation of literal alien close encounters paired with the idea of fear of ‘otherness,’ especially considering the current state of race, class, and gender in the United States. I often felt like an outsider a great deal of my young life, especially being the only girl in almost every band I was in until I went to college and learned about feminism. I think many people have felt like an outsider at a point in their lives and can relate in some way. It’s nice to know you’re not the only weirdo out there.”

The track and video shows that we might not be as alone as we think — and a few familiar Rhode Island people make cameos, including The Whale Guitar’s Jen Long, environmental activist Tyson Bottenus, Matt DeCosta from the chillwave electrosoul project Meta James, Matt’s brother Mike who is known from his psychedelic moniker Tapestries, and artist Princess Pearl.


While watching the video we can only hope Raskin wasn’t too cold while wearing short sleeves when she was walking outside in the snow. New England winters can be brutal, as many of us realized earlier in 2015. While you keep warm and enjoy your Wednesday afternoon, get interplanetary with “Close Encounter” below.