New Purpose: Listen to Boston electro-pop duo MAR CO cover Justin Bieber

No one covers Justin Bieber. Think about it, when was the last time you heard anyone taking the Biebs for a spin in the old tribute machine? Everyone’s busy with their takes on Adele, Drake, and Miley, but few venture into the world of Bieber.

Boston electronic pop duo MAR CO are reversing the trend. Over the weekend they posted their cover of “Love Yourself”, another cut from Bieber’s well-received latest album Purpose and the pop star’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran. MAR CO’s Marie Lang and Alex Coco strip it down to a tender ballad, and debuted their version live earlier this month at Cafe 939 at the Red Room.

They write on Facebook: “SUPRIIIISE!!! Here’s a cover we recorded this past week. Those who came to our RedRoom show might have [heard] it.”

MAR CO, you may remember, performed live several weeks ago at our CMJ party with Berklee College of Music in New York City. Check out their Bieber cover below.