Come To Puppy: Watch this little white dog cover Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’

It seems like cats are all the rage in music these days, especially after Lil BUB announced her debut album a few weeks ago. But one dog is getting into the game, thanks to a tail-wagging cover of Aphex Twin’s 1999 anti-hit, “Windowlicker.”

A tiny, fluffy, white Chihuahua named Gabe crushes the Aphex Twin cover, which a bit of bark n’ growl editing help from his owner/producer, APBRadley. According to Fact Magazine, the pup is apparently “in the studio recording an entire cover album, Selected Ambient Walks,” but we’re pretty sure they might be joking about that.

Who the hell even knows anymore.

Hopefully we get a “Windowlicker” video companion, starring our hero canine Gabe. Watch the dog go hard on Aphex Twin below, then relive the terror of the late-’90s with the original below.