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Video Premiere: Petty Morals play it loose around the ‘Telephone Erotic’


At this year’s Boston Music Awards (Wednesday at the Sinclair in Cambridge), Petty Morals are up for Video Of The Year with “Just A Game,” a rousing dance-pop number the Massachusetts party crew filmed out in the back patio of O’Brien’s Pub. On the eve of the awards ceremony, the First Ladies of Boston Rock are back with another eye-catching video, this time taking things underground in “Telephone Erotic” for a soirée that has it all: a tiny telephone, Salem’s Gallows Haüs in all its den-of-iniquity glory, and frontwoman Tai Heatley getting steamy with a muppet.

Directed by Jonas Em of Emvision Productions (who also spearheaded the “Just A Game” clip), “Telephone Erotic” premieres this morning on Vanyaland, and you can watch it — with both hands under your desk — below. The track is the latest off Petty Morals’ new EP, Marked Women, which is out with a Vanyaland-presented release party January 2 at Great Scott in Allston.

And “Telephone Erotic” makes for a nice second chapter to “Just A Game.”


“The second time around, we had less time and less money, but it made for a lot of last minute unplanned fun, laughs, and amazingly spontaneous creativity,” writes the band to Vanyaland. “We literally story-boarded, planned and scheduled the shoot in a matter of weeks, and filmed it at Gallows Haüs in three freakin’ hours on [a] Sunday night. The only ‘plot’ we really had was a party scene in our space, with the six of us passing a phone around, and singing and dancing to the song (which is, duh, about phone sex).”

Most of it was a shot on the fly, including that dry fellatio scene in the background.

“Our friends came with props and booze and A+ acting and hilarity,” continue Petty Morals. “None of the extras were really scripted or choreographed, and the camera setup/lighting/shooting style/background ideas/etc. were all pulled together in the hour before we started filming. The video is one continuous shot, and I believe we did it in seven takes. Each take gave us new ideas and time to coordinate new funny crap in the background, and the spontaneity shows.”


Watch it below, and set your calendars for January 2. Petty Morals will be joined by the Organ Beats, Watts, and Stars Like Ours.

Petty Morals Marked Flyer