After a house fire, the Providence music scene rallies around Senior Discount’s Chuck Staton

During the holiday season, one theme that’s always present is helping the ones in need by being charitable. It gives us all a sense of community and solidarity with one another while we spend cherished time with loved ones and family.

This Wednesday night at Fete Music Hall, an extravaganza to support one of the long-time members of Providence’s music scene through a rough time will be taking place. Back on November 13, Senior Discount frontman and guitarist Chuck Staton lost his home and nearly everything he owned to a house fire. Along with Staton, his roommate Jordan Furtado and his girlfriend Gina Mastrostefano lost all of their personal belongings. It’s tough way to start what should be a glorious time of the year.

In response to this tragedy, friends of Staton and his pop-punk band have come together to play a benefit show to help get him, Furtado, and Mastrostefano back on their feet. Americana act Survivors Of The Kraken, punk rocker extraordinaire Jenn Lombari from Lucky United, amplified groove masters No Plateau, ex-Senior Discount member Kevin Silva, ska masters Sweet Babylon, fellow pop-punks Ten Cents Short, ’90s cover band The Pogs, Bad Larry and Someday Providence’s Paul Giammarco and Senior Discount themselves will each be performing short sets for a righteous cause. There’s something special about seeing a bunch of talented individuals coming together to support one of their own. That vibe will be abundant come Thanksgiving Eve at the lounge within Fete.

The benefit show is free of admission but donations will be accepted at the door. It’ll end fairly early so it won’t get in the way of any other plans those might have during one of the biggest bar nights of the year. For anyone who has been through a similar tragedy that Staton is currently enduring, show up and give your support. Even if it’s for a little while, stop by Fete Music Hall and show some love to one of Providence’s hardest working individuals of the last 15 years.

Featured photo by Jessica Pohl

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