Voodoo Your Job: Sully Erna intercepts taunts from Seattle crowd with ‘Seahawks Suck’ song

Turns out people in New England and the state of Washington have one thing in common these days: Super Bowl XLIX is still fresh on everyone’s minds. Massachusetts metal dudes Godsmack where out in the Pacific Northwest earlier this week, and more than a few fans decided to tell frontman Sully Erna what they thought of the Patriots. Apparently the sting of the Pats victory over the Seahawks still burns.

And it damn well should.

After a crowd chant of “Sea-Hawks” rang out at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington, a few in the crowd started in with a bit of “Fuck the Patriots” taunting. Erna, to his credit, fired right back, and even created a new song on the spot, which we’re sure is playing on a constant loop right now on WAAF.

“Fuck the Pats? Let’s just say fuck the Pats for a second,” Erna tells the crowd. “What’s your football team? The Seattle fucking Seahawks? Is that your team? Lemme tell you something about those flukes, they have sucked big fucking dick this year. Yeah they have. Who’s fucking undefeated right now — New England Patriots are, that’s right. So suck it… We’re gonna go undefeated this year, and you guys are not, because you can’t, because you already lost a bunch of games.”

Intercepted by Butler, burned by Erna.

Maybe in response, Macklemore will go write a rap diss about Godsmack. What rhymes with “4-4”?

[h/t WEEI]