Permanent Press: Matmos create album composed of sounds from Whirlpool washing machine

Veteran electronic music experimenters Matmos announced today that their new album will be composed entirely of sounds made by a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II washing machine. The album, titled Ultimate Care II, was recorded in the duo’s basement and Thrill Jockey will sound the buzzer on its release come February 19.

Expect this album to get some permanent press.

“All sounds on this record were generated by the Ultimate Care II washing machine in the basement of our home in Baltimore,” Matmos writes on Facebook, stressing: “No, really, we mean it: ALL of the sounds.”

As Pitchfork notes, Ultimate Care II will feature guests spots by Dan Deacon, Half Japanese’s Jason Willett, and members of Horse Lords and Needle Gun. The record is one long track, and you can hear the eighth excerpt below via Thrill Jockey’s Soundcloud. Apparently, Matmos will attempt to bring the album to live stages to select North American cities next year.

And clearly, everyone is excited — especially Whirlpool Corp, who don’t look like they’ll be issuing any cease and desist letters anytime soon (whew!)…

Listen to “Ultimate Care II Excerpt Eight” below.