Central Scare: Listen to Psychic Dog’s rippin’ new EP before its Halloween release


With due apologies to the forever-awesome Zip-Tie Handcuffs, it’s a well-known secret around “the scene” that Dug McCormack’s hair actually won the 2015 Rock and Roll Rumble. With towering spikes that pierced the ceiling of T.T. The Bear’s Place (RIP), the Psychic Dog singer/guitarist’s jet-black ‘do was only a hint of the hair-raising things to come from the weirdo garage rock trio.

This Halloween, the band is in their element when they release a three-song EP called Adios Huevos, which Google translate tells us means “goodbye eggs,” because oh Baxter you know we don’t speak Spanish. The record comes complete with an October 31 show at the Cantab in Cambridge, putting the Central Scare back into the neighborhood alongside Idle Pilot, The Coward Flowers, Hambone Skinny and The Guilloteenagers.

“It’s still the same weird rock and roll, we just went for a simpler approach in capturing it,” McCormack says. “The three-song EP was recorded in a single continuous live take with only vocal overdubs. Our goal was to capture the ‘live’ sound of Psychic Dog as closely as possible while in a studio setting. The Adios Huevos EP not only hit that goal, but also shows something a little different than our fans are probably used to. We took a different take on our writing and tried to stretch these songs out a bit more, moving away from our usual ‘hit it or quit it’ formula for Adios Huevos.


The EP was recorded at the DOJO in Somerville by producer James Trout, and is out via Ocelot Records. Preview it below, and note the very-cool album artwork, done up by McCormack himself. That cat looks like he knows what’s up. Share a beer or six with him this weekend.