Oh cool someone already ruined the new Adele by mashing it up with that ‘Nae Nae’ song


The god-damn Adele song has been out for like 16 hours and already the shit is ruined.

While everyone was busy drinking in the “Hello” on some feel-good TGIF tip, humor site Above Average took Adele’s latest single and mashed it up with that “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” song. You pretty much can’t un-hear it.

Even Above Average knows what kind of havoc has been wrought.


“After years of anticipation, Adele’s latest single ‘Hello’ has finally hit the airwaves!” they write this afternoon. “The good news? ‘Hello’ is every bit as lovely and heartbreaking as fans had hoped for. The bad news? We kinda wrecked it. By accident, really! We were just goofing around, listening to the Whip/Nae Nae song, and… ah jeez. Like Lenny Smalls, over here. We ruined something beautiful, again. Sorry.”

Listen to the full five-and-a-half-freaking-minute-long version via Above Average’s Soundcloud, or feast your earholes and eyesballs on the shorter preview clip below, which might be enough.

Nice things, we cannot have them.


UPDATE 4:27 p.m. EST: But wait! Like five minutes after posting this, and feeling the need to hear it again and again after each listen, we came to realize we might actually like this mash-up more than Adele’s original. Shit.

And as we looked around the internet to see what it thinks of all this, we realize that Hilary Hughes of the Village Voice tracked down the mash-up’s creator, Dan Chamberlain. “I thought of it when I was on beer last night, around 3 a.m.,” [Chamberlain] tells me. “I just did a show. I’d stayed up late talking to my brother, Tim, and I listened to [“Hello”] a couple of times, and I threw a couple of songs at it. I thought, ‘Maybe the Nae-Nae song will work!’ I woke up this morning, got to the office and made it in about twenty minutes. I didn’t even have to mess with it — they’re both in D Major, I think — so it was just chopping the lyrics. There wasn’t a lot of moving pieces around.”

We <3 2015.