Act Alone: Godsmack’s Sully Erna battles terrorist groups in new action-thriller ‘Black Files’


Back in August, Sully Erna took his daughter to see 5 Seconds of Summer a the XFinity Center in Mansfield. Now the Godsmack frontman is taking on an even greater enemy than the Australian boy band: A terrorist group “bigger” than ISIS.

The Godsmack frontman apparently stars in a new independent action-thriller called Black Files, a crowd-funded terror-spy film with a pretty great tagline of “The truth is buried deeper than the bodies.” If that’s not the name of the next Godsmack album, than the bad guys truly have won.

Watch the teaser trailer below.


“The family of the U.S. Ambassador in an East-European country is slaughtered,” according to the film’s official description. “The world’s media attention is now pointed at Sofia, Bulgaria. [A] top CIA agent is assigned to find out who is responsible for the assault. He recruits a local rookie cop and they dig deeper into world of corruption, terrorism and international crime.”

Erna recently revealed some background info on the film to the Pulse Of Radio, which was transcribed by Blabbermouth: “There’s a company that approached me. They’re really, really great filmmakers, and they’re gonna be doing this really cool film and shooting it in Bulgaria. And it’s a movie about terrorism and international organized crime and stuff like that. It’s based on, you know, Russian KGB and, you know, all that whole kind of vibe. Really really cool — kind of like a darker ‘Mission: Impossible‘-style movie.”

Erna’s previous acting roles have included a spot in 2013 horror movie Army of the Damned, an uncredited appearance on the TV show Dirt eight years ago, and a new film called Street Level, produced and directed by David Labrava, who plays Happy on Sons of Anarchy. It also features Marilyn Manson and is due out on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, Erna is back on the live stage tonight with the first of three consecutive Godsmack gigs at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, as the band continues to tour 2014 album 1000hp.