Skid Woah: Well holy shit Sebastian Bach wins Back To The Future Day


You may have heard that today, October 21, 2015, is Back To The Future Day, because of something relating to the movie. Everyone is talking about it. We don’t need to reiterate it all here on the pink-ink digital pages of Vanyaland.

But we did find something better than your dumb hoverboards, and cooler than the about-to-get-their-asses-swept-by-the-Mets Chicago Cubs, or those very clever memes comparing Biff Tannen to Donald Trump.

Ladies and germs, we give you Bach To The Future.


Sebastian Bach, the former Skid Row frontman — and let’s be honest, the only Skid Row frontman — has apparently won Back To The Future Day.

And pretty much no one saw that coming. Well done, Bas. Well done. If we could go back to 1990, we sure as hell would. This writer’s first ever concert was seeing Skid Row and Pantera in New York City around that time. We remember it well.